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      SCM v2,Baseline 2.0 &Authoring Studio testing


      Customer description: One of world’s most famous software companies. The company sells products over the whole world and gains considerable global market share. Its annual sale volume exceeds tens of billions of US dollars.

      Field: IT industry

      Project background:

      The following new functions were added in the new version of SCM v2:

      Supporting free installation of SCM on SQL Server; adding Setting; GPO importing; new interface; local GPO tools; setting library/Baseline updates; setting group/MCA administration.

      The following new features were added in Baseline 2.0:

      Canceling the recommended setting of EC environment and SSLF; adding property Severity for setting; and adding responding administration package for each product.

      New Baseline 2.0:

      Internet Explorer 9; Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1;Windows Server 2008 SP2;Windows Server 2003 SP2.

      Project scope: Software testing

      Scale: 500 man-months

      Project characteristics: End-to-end customer plan: a testing plan covering the whole SA-SC application procedure.

      Resolution of bugs discovered by customers: the testing team recorded problems reported by the customers and carried out regression testing during the Beta period of the project.

      Processing customer data: Beta testing was carried out based on real customer data.

      Cross-team cooperation: Cross-team end-to-end testing that covered the whole SA-SC application procedure.

      Test optimization: Optimizing the testing of SCM and Baseline team to avoid duplication of effort.

      User scenario simulation: Conducting tests under a simulated user environment

      Project challenges: SCM is a complex cross-platform tool and has many end-to-end customer application scenarios which are trans-component and trans-product.  The SCM project includes all the government and enterprise customer application scenarios. Traditional functional testing is not enough to cover all the application scenarios.

      Besides the complicated work regarding the application scenarios mentioned above, the testing team also encountered communication challenges. The Inspur team lacked sufficient design files and there were always communication problems between the project manager, developers and testing engineers. Solution: The Inspur test team exemplified the idea of “customer-oriented” by developing a process from development to test. SCM, Baseline and Authoring Studio test teams cooperated with each other and came up with comprehensive end-to-end customer application test scenarios.

      The Inspur test team also helped the project team enhance the communication between the project manager, developers and test engineers, improving the productivity of the team.

      Outcome: The test team signed and accepted SCM v2 and Baseline 2.0 with an unprecedented quality standard. The product was designed according to the customer’s requirement. The acceptance test was carried out with real user data in customized application scenarios. During Microsoft’s annual technology conference in 2011, the demonstration of SCM tool was very impressive and was recognized by 98% of the customers. It was estimated that we had saved at least 60% of customer’s engineering expenditure on bug recovery and function demand.

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