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      Software Transportation Project


      Customer description: One of world’s most famous software companies. It sells products all over the world and gains considerable global market share. Its annual sales volume reaches tens of billions of US dollars.

      Field: IT industry

      Project background: The client needed to transport hundreds of MFC/Win32 and MMC1.2-based dialog boxes written in C++ to dialog boxes based on .NET Framework 2.0 and MMC2.1 written in C#,  in order to use them in various software systems. The project included transportation development and maintenance.

      Project scope: Software development, testing and maintenance

      Scale: 190 man-months

      Project characteristics:

      Knowledge:  Noting the development regulations of the user’s software, the framework, testing procedure and regulations on confidential information.

      Technical skills: Being familiar with the configuration of Windows components; having a good command of C++ and C# (.NET framework), mastering test technology and tools.

      High productivity: The box transportation was done within the time limit, in order to meet the scheduling needs of the customer.

      Communication skills: Having a strong command of English and completing documents and reports in English; English was also used in communication and discussion with the customer.

      Management skills: Allocating resources; regular work reports; quality control ability.

      Solutions: Through strict selection, we built a development and test team with a project manager who was fluent in English, and dispatched a team to the customer site (in the U.S.). Before the launch of the project, all team members underwent strict training, through which they noted the customer’s requirements and acquired the necessary technical expertise. During the project, we maintained efficient communication with the customers according to the established agenda, and solved all problems.

      Outcome: The project was carried out smoothly, and was finished in advance. So we enhanced the satisfaction by considerably shortening the client’s marketing period.

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