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      Inspur Azure Stack HCI Solutions

      The Inspur Azure Stack HCI solution is designed to deliver a more flexible and cost-efficient operating system for your datacenter, leveraging software-defined compute, storage and network virtualization features inspired by Microsoft Azure.


      Inspur Azure Stack HCI is a hyperconverged Windows Server 2019 cluster that uses Inspur server NF5280M5 to run virtualized workloads on-premises.?And can also optionally connect to Azure services for cloud-based backup, site-recovery, and more.?Inspur Azure Stack HCI solutions ensure optimal performance and reliability.


      Software-defined storage provides cost-effective solutions for private cloud clients with integrated infrastructure, including small to medium-sized businesses and Internet companies.


      Hyper-converged Infrastructure (HCI) Premium?- Provides a comprehensive software-defined “datacenter in a box”. Building on the same foundation as HCI-Standard, these offers add Software-Defined Networking (SDN) and Assurance to the stack. These offerings provide the perfect building blocks for customers – typically a large enterprise, service provider or hoster – that want to build on premise SDDC that emulates large public clouds like Azure. While SDN provides the benefit to deploy, provision and manage networking services at scale, Assurance provides essential tenant isolation and services for running a secure on-premises multi-tenant cloud.


      Storage Spaces Direct uses industry-standard servers with local-attached drives to create highly available, highly scalable software-defined storage at a fraction of the cost of traditional SAN or NAS arrays. Its converged or hyper-converged architecture radically simplifies procurement and deployment, while features like caching, storage tiers, and erasure coding, together with the latest hardware innovation like RDMA networking and NVMe drives, deliver unrivaled efficiency and performance.




      4-16 nodes


      15 to 56 cores(Intel)


      256GB to 1.5TB

      Raw Storage

      8TB to 96TB

      Network Speed

      Up to 25Gb

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