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      Global Technical Service E-mail:[email protected] Europe Technical Service E-mail:[email protected]

      IT Hardware Design and Consulting

      Inspur created the Joint Design Manufacture (JDM) business model, which is built on integration of industrial chains of users and provides specific user-oriented businesses, connecting up the demand, R&D, production and delivery processes. JDM, incorporating with the supply-demand business chain, supports on-demand customization to develop user-desired products and deploy the products to users’ data centers within the shortest possible timeframe and at controllable costs.

      With deep industry and technical experience, Inspur provides diversified digital transformation consulting services for global enterprises and drives business model innovation.

      IT Software Design

      Inspur IT Software Design integrates Inspur rich R & D practice, cutting-edge R & D concepts, and advanced R & D tools. Targeting at leading artificial intelligence, cloud computing and edge computing technology, Inspur focus on technology route planning, demand analyzing and R & D designing for typical application scenarios and customer needs of AI Station software, Teye software, Yunhai Insight big data software , Yunhai operating system and other software architecture and optimization design.

      IT Research Services

      Inspur IT Research Services relies on the company's diversified products, rich cases and experience, we cooperate closely with worldwide top research institutes such as IDC, Gartner, Forrester, etc., focus on industrial development hot topic such as the macro environment, technology trends, and industrial upgrading to provide valuable reference and action suggestions for promoting the IT industry development.

      At present, Inspur and IDC have jointly released the "AI Computing Development Report" for two consecutive years, which aims to assess the current status and future development trends of artificial intelligence.

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