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      Inspur At ISC2019

      We’d like to cordially invite you to join Inspur in ISC19 from June 17 to 19 for a discussion on HPC and AI innovations.?ISC High Performance Conference is the Europe’s most important conference and networking event for the HPC community. Inspur is honored to be one of the sliver sponsors this year and will continuously showcase our latest HPC & AI technologies, share our keen insights towards the innovation of data center infrastructure with the development of HPC.

      If you're planning to attend ISC19, be sure to come to see Inspur at booth?F-940?from Jun 17?to 19 at Messe?Frankfurt Hall 3 and attend HPC Connection Workshop in M?venpick Hotel Frankfurt City at 2:00-6:00pm on June 18.?Click here to learn more about our workshop and register now!

      Showcase highlights at a glance:

      Cutting - edge Hardware design for HPC & AI:

      ●?Industry-Leading GPU Servers: high density with super performance

      ●?Multi-node systems optimized for HPC applications: ideal platform for Hypescalerscale Infrastructure, Cloud Computing and HPC

      ●?Hyperscale data center distributed storage platform for AI&HPC, cloud computing. etc.

      Efficient Management Software Suites and Optimized Framework

      There’s one more innovation design for AI & HPC Solution in our booth, stop by Inspur booth F-940 to check it out and win some exciting raffle prizes.

      Please let us know what level you are interested in, or would like to talk with our experts, we can get an arrangement and send right over the calendar.

      We look forward to meeting you at ISC 2019!

      Book a meeting meet Inspur team at Inspur booth!
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