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      SC 2019

      Thinking about attending SC19? Register below to get a free pass and join Inspur at the conference for all things HPC.

      SC (Supercomputing Conference) is the world’s leading conference for high performance computing, networking, storage and analysis, for which Inspur is a proud sponsor. As a global top 3 server provider, it is Inspur’s mission to advance key technology trends and empower our customers with customized solutions for AI and HPC. Join us at booth #1553 to see our newest innovations!


      Technology Showcase

      Cutting-Edge Hardware Design for AI and HPC

      ●?Industry-Leading GPU Servers: high density with superb performance

      ●?Multi-node systems optimized for HPC applications: ideal platform for Hyperscale Infrastructure, Cloud Computing and HPC

      ●?Hyperscale data center distributed storage platform for AI, HPC, cloud computing

      Management Suites Software and Optimized Framework


      Workshops and Sessions

      We will be holding an HPC Connection Workshop on Nov 20 at the Magnolia Hotel Denver, where top international researchers and HPC experts will gather for discussions around AI and Exascale Ready Technologies and Applications.?You can learn more about the workshop here.

      There will also be several technical in-booth sessions with key partners such as Intel, NVDIA and Mellanox and Inspur will announce the new cold plate phase-change liquid cooling solution for HPC.

      To qualify for a free pass, just attend our HPC Connection Workshop and select at least one of our in-booth sessions.


      Passes are limited and are first come first served.

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      We looking forward to seeing you in Denver CO, USA!

      Book a meeting meet Inspur team at Inspur booth!
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